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Sphere Shares NFTs

We unite projects and investors

Sphere Shares NFT will allow modern cryptoprojects and later large companies to attract investments through the sale of NFT share certificates. In turn, investors will be able to own real shares of the company and earn on the staking of these NFTs

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In game items

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Crypto art

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Crypto shares

Polygon Dudes Collection


Polygon Dudes Collection


Polygon Dudes Collection


NFT Avatars


Sphere Shares NFT Avatars now live! 100 NFT cards of each type!

Win unique avatars by participating in lootbox sale ! Or be first to buy them !

Loot Boxes


Sphere Shares NFT Loot Boxes now live!

Win unique NFT avatars and prises up to 1000 SPAR


Just buy lootbox and send in to our smartcontract


to collect your reward!