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Sphere Shares NFT ICO

Your NFT shares platform

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About Sphere Shares NFT

Your gateway to  decentralized shares

Welcome to Sphere Shares NFT!

Here we enable creators , companies and investors to come together for successful cooperation. Sphere is an ecosystem which will unite various services from wallets to investment and entertainment digital platforms. Sphere Shares NFT will allow creators to monetize their content and investors to earn  by buying NFT and tokens.

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Explore our features

Become part of the fastest-growing market in cryptocurrency

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Sphere Shares Token is a token of

Sphere ecosystems. With SPAR, you can 

become an early investor of the platform and

Get profits from the project income as well as acquire NFT certificates of various projects

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Use a variety of yield plans by placing your NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the stack.  Get stable profits for owning unique digital certificates.


Buy tokens

1 SPAR = 10 USDT

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